Tool for extracting a WAV file out of the Voice Notes from "PocketWord" and "Pocket-PC Notes"

Pocket PC Notes and PocketWord Dokumente are stored in a binary format, which is named PocketWord Ink (PWI).
This small programm extracts voice notes or voice memos from a PocketPC-Memo, which is stored in a .pwi file. The output is one wav-file per Voice Note.

Simply drag and drop a pwi fine onto the pwi2wav.exe. The Wave-Files will then be output to the working driectory.

A more detailed instruction:

  1. Create a folder
  2. Put your pwi-files to this folder
  3. Download
  4. open Zip and extract pwi2wav.exe to the folder, which was created in '1.'
  5. Drag a *.pwi file over the pwi2wav.exe
  6. wav files should appear

Download of the converter für Windows including source-file