Das FCM ist ein integriertes Modul zur Steuerung von Multicoptern. Von der Grundfunktionalität besitzt es grobe Ähnlichkeit mit den bekannten Controllern wie MultiWii, Ardupilot, Microcopter usw...Die Hardware und Software wurde jedoch von Grund auf neu entwickelt. Warum? Weil ich das immer schon mal tun wollte. Hardware und Software siehe: https://github.com/fabianhu/FCM


  • Size & weight:
    • 45 x 27 x 8 mm
    • 10 g
  • CPU
    • AVR32 UC3B0256
    • 32 bit
    • 48MHz
  • Sensors:
    • Gyroscope (3 axis)
    • Accelometer (3 axis)
    • Magnetometer (3 axis)
    • Barometer
  • Interfaces:
    • 4x PPM input or
    • Receiver serial input for SPEKTRUM and HoTT or
    • Receiver PPM sum signal input
    • 2x extra TTL USART (for Bluetooth, GPS, Telemetry etc.)
    • 6x PPM output for speed controllers (SimonK firmware recommended)
    • optocoupler for 5 PPM outputs (placement variant)
    • Pulse input for ultrasonic distance measurement
    • USB for configuration and updates
  • Software features:
    • FabOS32 RTOS
    • Quaternion based attitude control
    • Altitude hold
    • Any copter configuration via mixing matrix
    • RC compatibility
      • HoTT SUMD receiver signal
      • SPEKTRUM sattelite receiver signal
      • 4-channel "any RX" classic mode
      • PPM sum signal
    • Telemetry
      • HoTT telemetry with settings menue
      • Bluetooth telemetry with settings menue, Attitude and graph display
      • MAVlink prepared
    • PID setting via extra RC analog channels
    • Software is "closed source" = all own code with minor extensions with LGPL
    • Software is open-sourced to hardware owners. (SVN access)
    • USB Bootloader
  • Being tested:
    • GPS integration with waypoint processing and return-to-home
    • Throw to start

The FCM is not yet a finished product and it is not for sale as a readily produced module.
If you are interested in development or production to make this available to a bigger audience, please feel free to contact me or go directly to https://github.com/fabianhu/FCM.

Copter im Flug